Whether you’re struggling with taking the first steps towards the “talk” with your kids or you’re just looking to refresh your approach to your classroom, you’ll find all the resources you need right here.

Educational Material

Counselling Adolescents about Contraception

For Educators

Teaching sensitive subjects at home or to a large group in a lecture room can be unpredictable, but get your hands on a whole host of brigthened up materials to keep youth engaged and willing to learn.


For Workers

Find free access to materials that improve health information for women workers in developing countries; covering family planning, menstrual hygiene and more.


I’m asking for #AFRIENDOFMINE

Actively engaging young people

Talking about sex and contraception has always been difficult. For fear of embarrassment and social alienation, young people are often reluctant to ask honest questions about their sexual health. Who wants to admit that they still don’t understand the facts of life? To overcome this age-old obstacle, we have created #AFriendOfMine, a platform through which young people can have an open conversation about sex and contraception. The hashtag lets them remain anonymous.

#AFRIENDOFMINE is afraid that you contract HIV through touch
GeNext Uganda: My Life, My Future!

“It’s your life – it’s your future” in action

Get a snapshot of our on the ground programs taking place all over the world all year round

The global campaign “It’s your life – it’s your future” is aimed at teens and young adults aged 13 to 25. To reach as many young people as possible, the World Contraception Day Partner Coalition is involved in a number of projects worldwide that are tailored to the need for modern birth control and level of sex education of a specific region or target audience.


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Press Material

Find materials about World Contraception Day including present and past press releases.

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On September 26th, or World Contraception Day as we prefer to call it, it is our mission to spread the word and raise awareness about contraception and safe sex. Our aim is to help each new generation of adults make informed decisions until every pregnancy in the world is a planned one.